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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Prosperous Iran...

Perhaps the best reason for us to get off of oil is Iran.
The following statistics will help explain the difficulty in imposing economic sanctions on Iran: In the beginning of 2006 the total trade between it and China will reach some $8 billion, and by the end of 2006 it will rise to $10 billion; the gas pipeline between Iran and India will cost some $10 billion, and is meant to provide a significant portion of India's gas needs; and Russia is set to sign an agreement to sell Iran $1 billion in weapons.

Iran, which is becoming transformed by world oil prices into an ever wealthier state and one that can pay for its deals primarily in cash, is economically prosperous. It appears that its leadership thinks its in such a good position that it can reject a Russian compromise proposal on the nuclear issue, and that it can depend on China to veto any sanction the United Nations may decide to impose.


Blogger Winston said...

You are wrong!

Iranian leaders are getting richer while its citizens live in poverty!

An Oil rich country where 40% of people live under the poverty line is a tragedy for the world community

Iran needs to be freed from the rule of idiot mullahs and clerics

2:26 AM  

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