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Friday, January 20, 2006

Iranians moving assets...

Clearly, they are worried about sanctions. Don't they realize the west doesn't have the balls to do anything?
Iran is moving foreign exchange out of European banks in advance of a possible referral to the
United Nations Security Council and imposition of economic sanctions over its nuclear programme.

Ebrahim Sheibani, Central Bank governor, told reporters on Friday that Iran would "transfer the foreign exchange reserves wherever we consider expedient" and confirmed a shift from Europe had begun.

Mr Sheibani refused to give details or to say where the funds were going, although ISNA, the semi-official Iranian news agency, said the destination was southeast Asia.


Blogger Sara said...

please call David Walmsley 416-367-2000 x 8710 at the Toronto Star and request nicely that we get a equal opportunity to stand up for all parents. Martha Friendly has put in an article of about 1200 words in describing a Liberal style of daycare. She only views on side of it. We are asking for equality for all parents!

Please advise David Walmsley 416-367-2000 x 8710 (nicely) that we would like an equal opportunity to speak. The National daycare is only shown and the other parents are ignored...

sorry about posting off topic but I need help...

3:20 PM  

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