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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Iran's Nuclear ambitions...

Here's a look at the lack of international pressure on Iran.
But the hard-liners in Tehran detect an erosion in the international diplomatic pressure on them.

Aharon Zeevi, Israel's chief of military intelligence — whose efforts to monitor Iran's nuke program rivals Dagan's — said the lack of pressure is partly due to the Europeans.

"I had meetings with senior officials in Europe," he said. "And their position is, number one — why should we fear Iran's nuclear weapons? After all we lived under the nuclear threat after World War II?"

"Number two," he added, is the Europeans respond, "And besides, either you or the Americans will solve the problem."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That makes no sense to me. The reason they feared nobody is because the U.S. had nukes. Russia
came out with them years after. This doesn't mean the U.S. doesn't fear Iran and it's nuclear arsenal.
That's my opin.

1:52 AM  
Blogger Barrie B F Hebb said...

So many people are ready to use words to condemn a nation and its people - and to take political action against them, without clearly using evidence and logic. Administrations fight with each other and unfortunately it will be, as it has historically almost always been, the average citizens in countries who pay the price for these elitist feuds. Historical fact; 1. The USA is the only nation that has used nuclear and biological weapons and which continues to develop and use them. 2. Iran has been the subject of US hostility for a long period of time. 3. The US, after years of supporting Saddam and giving him weapons to kill Iranians, has just changed regimes in Iraq illegally. and 4, Now we discuss the situation popularly as if it were Iranians who are hostile? I do not think so. Like most nations and people in the world, we live in fear of the USA administration- the source of almost all of the military hostility and death squads in the 20th century.

5:30 AM  

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