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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Global warming consensus?

The plain fact of the matter is that we still know relatively little about how climate works.
So for most of the last decade we have been playing a back and forth game with signs and wonders that are offered as confirmation that catastrophic global warming is well under way. But these tend to be as controversial as the computer climate models. As good as our measurement techniques are, there is still large disagreement about basic facts. Are the polar ice caps melting or growing thicker? Both, depending on what data set you consult. Is the last decade the hottest in 2,000 years? You need a flak jacket to survive the crossfire on this one. Can variance in solar radiation account for some or most of the warming we've experienced to date? Better put on a second flak jacket. Do clouds warm or cool the planet? Both, and understanding the balance between their conflicting effects remains a huge problem for climate models. Are ocean temperatures rising and Gulf Stream currents changing? Probably, but we need better data to be sure. Will hurricanes get worse? Get a helmet to go with your flak jacket, and put FEMA on speed-dial. Aren't scientists overwhelmingly in agreement that the science is "settled"? Well, yes, except for the hundreds of scientists who've signed various statements and resolutions saying we lack adequate mastery of the subject.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little prespective... All of these "global warming" scenarios are based on computer models. The computer models are at best educated guesses at modelling a system we do not fully understand. Are you willing to spend billions of dollars and cripple economies based on the output of a computer model of what the the weather for the planet will be decades from now,when you can't even get a computer weather model to accurately predict if its going to rain in your town next week?

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