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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Iran sends a letter to its Jewish Community...

The Jewish community in Iran recent wrote a letter to President Ahmadinejad about his statements on the holocaust. Here's a response from the Director of Tehran-based Department ofor Iranian studies.
In a letter to head of Iranian Jewish community, Haroon Yashayee, a copy of which was faxed to IRNA, Salimi Namin said, "As you know, Holocaust has only concentrated on the genocide of the Jews and made no mention of the large nomadic communities (the Gypsies) and Christian Slavs who were slaughtered by the Nazi Army."

He pointed out, "Even the least support is not being given to victims from other communities slaughtered during World War II and large sums in compensation are being channeled from Europe and the US to the racist Zionists to continue their crimes against humanity." Salimi Namin said that the Zionists are deceiving the international community by making use of the unreal massacre of six million Jews in the Holocaust and there are several historians and authors who are being subject to legal actions for challenging the magnitude of the death toll among the Jews.

He called on the Iranian Jewish community to distinguish between the systematic genocide perpetrated by the Zionists in the occupied territory of Palestine and their distortion of the history of the faithful followers of Prophet Moses (Peace Be Upon Him) which would be a service of the Jewish community in the entire world.

Salimi Namin invited Iranian Jewish community leader Yashayee to a debate on television.


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