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Friday, February 17, 2006

United Church of Canada gives in....

More appeasement....
Reprinting controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed serves mainly to incite "racial and religious hatred" and has little to do with freedom of expression, the United Church of Canada charged Friday.

In a letter to the Islamic Council of Imams, the church also expressed its regrets over decisions by media outlets in Canada and the other countries to publish the caricatures, which have triggered fatal rioting in some regions of the world.

"We believe that the intention of publishing the cartoons has little to do with freedom of expression and much to do with incitement to racial and religious hatred," senior church representatives said in the letter released to the media on Friday.

"The cartoons suggest that Islam itself teaches, condones and encourages violence, bombings and the mistreatment of women. Furthermore, the implication is that all Muslims believe so as well.

"This we know to be untrue."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep.. the United Church also shows its intellectual weakness in supporting SSM...

cowards... fools.. etc etc..

10:39 PM  

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