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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Arrests imminent in cartoon protests...

Hey, the British are starting to wake up....
Arrests of Muslim protesters who demonstrated about cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in London last month are imminent, Scotland Yard said last night.

The Feb 3 protests outside the Danish Embassy caused widespread offence. Some protesters chanted and carried placards glorifying the July 7 London bombings and threatening beheadings.

No arrests of Muslim protesters were made at the time, a decision by police that was widely criticised.

Yesterday the Metropolitan Police disclosed that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) had advised it that potential public order offences were committed.

Arrests, questioning and charges are now expected in the coming weeks in a number of cases said to run to "more than single figures".


Anonymous liam said...

I wish I could say I believe that the British are waking up but reading the press and hearing from my family there suggests the opposite. The British "people" are angry and scared and disgusted alright but the British government and the bureaucracy are disgracefully pro-Muslim. This is, to be sure, partly out of fear and partly out of political opportunism but mostly it is because they have taken political correctness to heights that we cannot imagine - even here in PC Canada

12:58 AM  

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