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Monday, March 27, 2006

Dieudonne prepares a new show...

The anti-semitic comic is preparing a new show.
All through the show, however, something else intrudes, something darker and more sinister. Dieudonné is obsessed with Jews. All races, including his own mixed black and white origins, get a gentle mickey-taking in his show. When Jews are mentioned - and they are mentioned often - the tone becomes more aggressive, even violent.

In one skit, Bernard-Henri Lévy, the Jewish-French philosopher, haggles with a street potato seller. Dieudonné/Lévy says: "How can you ask me to pay so much when 6 million of us died in the Holocaust?" Roars of delight from the audience.

There is also a Hitler-in-his-bunker sketch that is moderately funny until the closing line: "You will see, in the future, people will come to realise that I, Adolf Hitler, was really a moderate."


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