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Thursday, March 23, 2006

If only he had said that Bush was less intelligent....

I don't know if he is right or wrong (there is a cultural component of IQ)....but I think he should have the right to say what he thinks...
The lecturer who claims that black people are, on average, less intelligent that whites was suspended by Leeds University yesterday.

Frank Ellis was told to stay at home and make no further comment. He now faces disciplinary action.

The lecturer claims that his views are backed by research in America showing that the average IQ of black people is lower than that of white people and that he has the right to voice his opinions.

But students say his views are inflammatory and insulting and that they cannot be sure that he will not discriminate against them on grounds of colour.

In a strongly-worded statement yesterday Roger Gair, the university's secretary, said Mr Ellis, 53, had "recklessly jeopardised fulfilment of the university's obligations under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000".

By publicising his personal views on race and other matters Mr Ellis had "acted in breach of our equality and diversity policy" in a way that was "wholly at odds with our values", he alleged. Mr Ellis was also accused of failing to comply with reasonable requests from his employer, such as apologising for the distress his remarks had caused and refusing to undertake not to repeat them.
It all sounds like a knee-jerk reaction. I'd like to see more on whether he was a good teacher or not.

However, I agree totally with these views:
In a subsequent interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Ellis, a former special forces soldier, claimed that multi-culturalism was doomed to failure because it was "based on the lie that all people, races and cultures are equal and that no one race or culture is better than any other".


Blogger Danté said...

Aha, that's a pickle of a situation, isn't it? Most people smartly stay away from making such statements because of the inevitable crucifixtion that will follow.

I'm not comfortable with the concept of "race." The term, or perhaps its connotations, imply that there are marked inherent differences between ethnic groups that go deeper than superficial appearance. Obviously there is the reality that depending upon where you're from and what your ancestry is, your biochemistry is going to vary from that of other people. But to me the concept of race is a divisive one that suggests some are inherently "better" than others, when all race really is is just so much minor genetic variation within one silly species(full disclosure: biology nerd speaking).

But back to the topic: I don't know if Ellis is actually being a bigot, or if he's just being nailed down by the Ultra PC crowd. If the latter is true, he chose his wording decidedly poorly and is paying for it now.

Did he mean blacks are inferior to whites and that certain "races" are superior to others?

Or did he mean to say that due to social factors blacks don't receive the same education whites do? Did he mean that, while every "race" has the same inherent potential, cultural and social factors influence the expression of this potential?

I'm willing to bet he meant the latter, but we'll never know now. The lesson from this is to be exceptionally careful with your words when dealing with "race issues."

10:14 AM  
Blogger Danté said...

Whoops, apparently I can't spell crucifixion.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For more information on this topic check out the following website.
The data is showing that even with equal eduction and socio economic status. Blacks have a lower IQ than whites. It is a fact. All people are not equal. If they were their would be equal amount of all races in sports. Blacks also have other talents that whites don't have. It is just like the data that is showing women and men have different IQ, and think differently. The data does not say all blacks or all whites. I am sure there are many blacks with a higher IQ than I have.

12:55 PM  
Blogger brando said...

I don't think he was giving a reason. He wasn't saying that black people have a genetic predisposition for low test scores. He wasn't saying it's because of schooling. He didn't give a reason at all. He was only saying that the test scores are actually lower. Just identifying a problem, which is the first step in fixing it.

He could just concede the argument. "Fine, different subcultures in America all have the same intelligence."

If the test scores aren't actually lower for a particular group, then there is no need to improve schooling.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would there have been the same reaction if research put blacks at the top?
It seems that when these socialists can't refute the research they denounce the messenger. If the statements are so incorrect then why does it seem so difficult for these so called intellectuals to disprove them?

2:16 PM  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Truth cannot be told if it offends the fascists of political correctness.
The greatest sin in the world is to challenge their belief system....kind of like Islamofascists come to think of it!

Birds of a feather ?

4:53 PM  

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