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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anti-Israel bigotry in the dance world...

I missed this earlier this month..but this is shameful.
A British-based dance magazine has been accused of “shocking politicisation” for refusing to publish an article about a new Israeli company.

Purporting to offer “an unbiased platform for dance,” Dance Europe was approached by freelance journalist Stephanie Freid about publishing a piece on the Dance Drama Company in Tel Aviv.

Ms Freid said she was quizzed about the dance company’s view on the Israeli occupation and asked whether it was government funded.

“The editor, Emma Manning, told me they had allowed an Israeli advertisement once, but only with a disclaimer saying it disapproved of the occupation.

“She said she hadn’t been to Israel but she knew the situation.”

In an email to Ms Manning and the head of advertising, Naresh Kaul, Ms Freid accused them of “blatant ignorance and racism. Shame on both of you for unwillingness to entertain the notion of a dance company attempting to bridge gaps and create understanding through art.”

Ms Manning would say only that “as an editor, I am entitled to choose what to print. It is my prerogative.” Mr Kaul was more forthcoming, telling the JC: “We are opposed to the occupation. If any company in Israel co-operates with us by adding a disclaimer saying it is opposed to the occupation, settlements and everything else, we will co-operate with them.”
So, the only way to write about Israel is to have a disclaimer??? The dance troup choreographer grew up in South Africa and has always tried to break down barriers...but it's sometimes hard to break down the barriers of bigots.


Blogger Boswarlos Daily said...

Not to fear, anti-Israeli bias is seen closer to home such as when CTV's nightly bingo caller Sandra Jansen opined that the Israeli PM was 'driving another wedge into the peace process' by refusing to wait for Hamas to purge itself of its terrorist component. That is a 'wedge' according to CTV but is smart self-preservation to anyone living outside the bubble of suspended disbelief that surrounds Ontario's greatest 'world-class city'

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anti-semitism is politically correct. today. who will they target tomorrow?

9:15 PM  

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