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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anti-Semitic Acts Dip Slightly in 2005

Anti-semitic acts in Canada were down 3.3% in 2005 after seeing a 47% in 2004 - however, anti-semitic acts are still at a very high level.
Klein said there has been a progressive rise in anti-Semitic events on university campuses, a resurgence of neo-Nazi groups operating in Canada and an increase in Holocaust denial.

Some of the reported incidents:

* Anti-Semitic comics are offered for sale at a school book sale;
* Students at an exclusive high school created an anti-Semitic website;
* A team coach made discriminatory remarks at a hockey game;
* A visibly Orthodox boy was threatened by gang members;
* Three teenage girls attacked a rabbi outside a synagogue;
* A synagogue was defaced;
* Death threats were made against individuals; and
* Bomb threats were made against synagogues.

Klein said many of the targets were the elderly or schoolchildren, "singled out because of their vulnerability." She said Jews recognized by their attire were also prime targets.

The group said there were:

* 113 incidents targeting Jews in their own homes;
* 35 incidents targeting Jewish houses of worship;
* 19 incidents against Jewish community buildings;
* 46 incidents in the workplace;
* 48 incidents against Jewish students on campus; and
* 48 incidents in school settings.


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