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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Libyans flunk a test...

Even when Israelis are on a peace mission, they are rejected....
History was thwarted early Wednesday morning when a peace mission making its way across the Sahara Desert was refused entry into
Libya due to the participation of three Israelis who were flatly denied entrance at the border.

The group of people from around the world, including four Americans, was welcome in Libya, a special representative of Libyan leader Mohmar Qadaffi told the mission as it stood on Libyan soil just five meters from the formal border crossing. But not the Israelis.

"Israel does not exist as a country, it is Palestine. We don't allow occupiers into our country," the official said. "Now I order you all to leave Libya."

Earlier, the group had decided it would not cross into Libya unless everyone was allowed in.

After being denied, the nine-person group voted to stay the night at the border and see if diplomacy and their message of goodwill to all peoples would gain them admittance Wednesday into the nation which has until now barred Israeli visitors.

As of Wednesday afternoon, it appeared those efforts had failed and the group was considering its options.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arabs are a bunch of losers and they keep proving that again and again.

12:43 PM  

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