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Saturday, March 18, 2006

A new Iranian Opposition Leader?

She's got balls, for sure.
She is the female figurehead of what she hopes will become a new Iranian revolution. Now, after almost 25 years in exile, the world is beginning to beat a path to her door.

Maryam Rajavi wants those who visit her near Paris to know what sort of regime Iran's mullahs are running.

As the leader of the largest exiled Iranian opposition group, she talks angrily of the 15-year-old boy flogged to death for eating during Ramadan, and the girl of 13 buried up to her neck and stoned for a similarly trivial "crime".

When she describes the punishments meted out by Iran's rulers, a picture of the limp bodies of two hanged men suspended from a crane is projected onto a screen.

She waves a large bound book that, she says, contains the names of 21,676 people who have died resisting the clerical regime. Another 120,000 people have been executed since the mullahs took power in 1979, she claims. Now Iran's rulers are trying to develop a nuclear weapon.

"We have always said that a viper cannot give birth to a dove, but nobody believed us," she told the Sunday Telegraph. "Only a fraction of the true nature of this regime, which is a brutal dictatorship of religious fanaticism, has come to public attention."


Anonymous Winston said...


MEK/NCRI is a terrorist group listed on Canadian, US and EU list of FTOs

This MEK/NCRI is hated among Iranians and they are regarded as traitors as they stood with Saddam during the 1980-88 war against Iran (their homeland)

They are Marxist-Islamist cult and I'd recommend you to study more about these bad people before making posts on them.

They have no freaking chance of returning back to Iran safe and sound.

They are like IRA, ETA or Tamil tigers. Terrorist, vicious and stalinist.

1:58 AM  
Anonymous Winston said...

I forgot to add that the MEK is the master of propaganda

1:59 AM  

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