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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Irshad Manji on Ariel Sharon's "Apartheid Wall"...

The security barrier saves lives and improves the lives of Palestinians...
After all, this barrier, although built by Mr. Sharon, was birthed by "shaheeds," suicide bombers whom Palestinian leaders have glorified as martyrs. Qassam missiles can kill two or three people at a time. Suicide bombers lay waste to many more. Since the barrier went up, suicide attacks have plunged, which means innocent Arab lives have been spared along with Jewish ones. Does a concrete effort to save civilian lives justify the hardship posed by this structure? The humanitarian in me bristles, but ultimately answers yes.
And, many Palestinian towns are in better shape today than when the fence went up - since the Israelis are no longer coming to find terrorists.

Hat Tip: Shamthetoryman.


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