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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Terror plot in the UK...

This is the plot in which a Canadian, Mohammed Khawaja, has been implicated.
A terrorist cell allegedly linked to al-Qa'eda planned to blow up pubs, nightclubs and trains in a bombing campaign in Britain, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

Some of the seven-strong gang, all British citizens, had trained at terrorist camps in Pakistan where they hatched the plot after practising causing explosions with ammonium nitrate and aluminium powder, it was alleged.

The plot to kill and maim is said to have involved more than half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertiliser and they planned to smuggle detonators into Britain through Belgium hidden in small radios, the court was told.

Two of the alleged plotters claimed to be working for al-Qa'eda's "number three", said David Waters, QC, prosecuting. "Most of the necessary components were in place and all that remained before their plans achieved their ultimate goal was for the target or targets to be finally agreed," he said.

One of the defendants, Waheed Mahmood, had been working for National Grid Transco which was "of significance in this case", Mr Waters said. The company operates the high voltage electricity system in England and Wales and the high pressure gas system in Britain.

The aim of the plot was "at the very least to destroy strategic plant within the UK or more realistically to kill and injure citizens of the UK", Mr Waters said. A "great deal of preparation" had been done in Pakistan but the targets were to be in Britain, he said.
Pretty horrifying that one of the defendants worked for the company operating part of the electric grid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When our co-workers and neighbours of the Islamic faith become more successful at murdering our families, then all the rights legislation and media sob-stories will mean nothing - people will be out for blood. It's too bad really.

12:48 PM  

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