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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Time for the Jews of France to leave...

Barbara Kay advises the Jews to leave France....this is from yesterday's National Post.
I'm not advocating a revenge murder of an innocent Muslim boy. That's not the mark of a civilized people. I am advocating what polls indicate half of France's 600,000 Jews claim to have considered doing. Go. Because there is no viable future for you there.

Ariel Sharon got it right in 2004 when he told you to leave France. From de Gaulle to Chirac, France has for too long been politically invested in pleasing the Arab world -- which means neglect of Jewish interests at home -- to disengage now.

If not for your own, leave for your children's sake. As Bruce Bawer reveals in his recent book, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, a leaked internal audit from the French Ministry of Education concludes that Muslim domination of public education in the country is widespread. In 61 monitored schools, the report indicates, anti-Semitism was "ubiquitous" and justifications of Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust routine. A ministry official flatly declared that "Jewish children can no longer be given an education anywhere [in France]."

So go. If you stay, you'll end on a rock or a hard place. You will endure either the virtual dhimmitude of de-facto Sharia law, or the countervailing ethnic nationalism of increasingly popular xenophobes like Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Longtime Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld said, "One of the lessons of the Holocaust is that even if you want to fight against a wave of anti-Semitism, the best [thing] is to leave if you can." Don't tarry like Ilan to "save up money for the trip." Paris is burning. Sauve qui peut.
Is France about to become jew-free?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many Jews from France are choosing Quebec apparently. Hopefully they won't be chased out of Quebec with school and synagogue firebombings.

Canadian police have very little integrity, especially in Quebec - RCMP and MUC have both been malicious and incompetent in the past - but hopefully the public will demand better so that Jews and everyone can live in freedom.

4:45 PM  
Blogger PGP said...

Just further indication that Eurpope is circling the toilet for the last few spins before the big flush.
Socialist governments bankrupting the European nations while hordes and mobs of every description clog the streets in a rerun of their own history...toss in the Islamofascist and you've got the recipe for complete collapse.

Just like pre-1930's....anyone with a sense of survival instinct should be heading out for life in another part of the world!

11:23 PM  
Blogger jw said...

It seems a shame to run ... Yet, if I were Jewish and a French citizen, I'd be leaving.

I'm not so sure if Canada will stay a better place. We have our own problems with anti-semitism and many groups on the left who support ever increasing anti-Jewish activity.

3:32 AM  

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