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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fun at a Berlin School..

You might have missed this report in last week's National Post about a Berlin school in an immigrant neighbourhood.
Police were sent to a high school in an immigrant neighbourhood of Berlin yesterday after teachers said they were living in fear of the students.

The teachers at Reutli high school in Neukoelln made a desperate plea for help to the police four weeks ago, complaining students were "disrespectful and aggressive" and violence had become a daily occurence.

Senior politicians blamed the crisis on the failure of immigrant students to integrate.

"We are helpless," the teachers said in a letter, adding they no longer dared to teach without their cellphones close by so they could call for help.

Pictures of hooded students pelting journalists with heavy cobblestones and police officers lining the entrance of the school in the heavily Turkish and Arab district of Berlin have filled prime-time news since Thursday.

Yesterday morning, the N24 news channel showed students hurling garbage cans out of window at the school.

"Things have been getting worse and worse because people seem to be crazy here. They are bringing knives and weapons to school," said one teen, who did not give his name.


Anonymous John said...

I actually haven't got a problem with the students pelting journalists with stones. (If I had my way it would be a core required course on it's own). Anyhow, I think any teacher working there should try his/her damndest to get a job somewhere else.
In other words, "F**K YOU, you little animals. If you want to be uneducated trash then who am I to stop you?"

9:36 PM  
Blogger SouthernOntarioan said...

I had a friend from Poland once who told me that Canada is a very poor country because we lack nationalist pride.

"In Poland when things are bad we stick together because we are Polish! In Canada when things get bad, what will keep you together?"

Its a very good question. Something that Germany, Australia, and France are learning.

Ultimately, whomever controls the streets will control the country. That is why Australia responded fiercely (savagely?) to the riots there. France's dithering led to a prolonged crisis.

2:22 PM  

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