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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shame on Borders...

Yet another book chain, like Chapters, gives in to the islamists...SHAME!
Executives at Borders Group Inc., parent company to Borders and Waldenbooks stores, aren't known to censor the newspapers and magazines the chain carries, much less adhere to Islamic law. Its recent decision to decline the April/May issue of Free Inquiry magazine over the Danish Muhammad cartoons is neither of those, but clearly it is a capitulation.
Borders has carried this highbrow Albany, N.Y.-based title since the mid-1980s. Published by the Council for Secular Humanism, Free Inquiry runs the likes of Christopher Hitchens and Peter Singer; it reads like its title suggests. It's only sensible that a magazine which publishes "C.S. Lewis's Hideous Weakness" or "Morality without Religion" would also want to comment, with illustration, on the Danish cartoon affair.

When Borders announced its decision this week, the chain cited security. "For us, the safety and security of our customers and employees is a top priority, and we believe that carrying this issue could challenge that priority," Borders Group spokeswoman Beth Bingham told the Associated Press. "We absolutely respect our customers' right to choose what they wish to read and buy and we support the First Amendment, and we absolutely support the rights of Free Inquiry to publish the cartoons. We've just chosen not to carry this particular issue in our stores."

If this type of deference to radical Islam becomes a pattern, it will have a profound chilling effect on the publishing industry. It will be harder and harder to publish material which discomfits radical Islamists.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the 'safety and security of their customers and employees' Borders should stop selling books that promote a woman's right to choose what to do with her body. Anti-abortion activists and protesters have been known to be violent.

'Homophobes' have also been known to be violent, so any gay-positive literature should also be removed.

Racist organizations have also been known to be violent so any books that represent black people should be removed as well...

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I now know their safety policy:
Guns, bombs and beheadings don't kill people, muslims kill people. So insult eveyone else, they won't kill you.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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