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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Is this the sound of appeasement?

I guess Islamic terrorism is just not in their dictionary.
European governments should shun the phrase "Islamic terrorism" in favour of "terrorists who abusively invoke Islam", say guidelines from EU officials.

Backed by diplomats and civil servants from the 25 EU members, the officials are drafting a "non-emotive lexicon for discussing radicalisation" to be submitted to Tony Blair and other leaders in June.

The Brussels officials hope the new lexicon, which would not be legally binding, would be adopted by governments and other EU institutions, such as the European Commission and European Parliament.

An EU official said: "The basic idea behind it is to avoid the use of improper words that would cause frustration among Muslims and increase the risk of radicalisation."

Along with civil servants from the Home Office, the officials have reviewed the impact of such terms as Islamist, fundamentalist and jihad when describing acts of terrorism and murder.

"Jihad means something for you and me; it means something else for a Muslim," EU officials at a Berlin conference on radicalisation said. "Jihad is a perfectly positive concept of trying to fight evil within yourself."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vast majority of people in the late 1930's supported the policy of appeasment. Turns out they were really wrong. The west is making the same mistake again. You would have thought that they would have learned.

1:25 PM  
Blogger PithLord said...

No. It is not appeasement. It's an attempt to split regular Muslims from the extremists. It would be like during the Cold War being careful to talk about "Communist atrocities" rather than "Russian atrocities" in the hope of getting anti-Communist Russians on board. Or talking about "Nazi aggression" rather than "German aggression".

The difference is that the Nazis and the Communists actually had state power at the relevant times. What the West is trying to do is to keep the extremists from achieving their objective of becoming the representative of Muslims. Of course, right-wing lunatics in the West want a war with Muslimas-as-such, so they object to the distinction as well.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Libertymad said...

A must read book: While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer. I spent a sleepless night yesterday reading it. It is frightening, but very true. The same things he mentions for Northern Europe are happening in Spain too. A book many liberals in the US and Canada who fool their students whith a mythical Europe that never existed but in their imagination should read. Check out Bruce's weblog

5:35 AM  

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