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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Profile of new Palestinian Security Chief...

He says it quite clearly - his enemy is not just's all Jews!
Jamal Abu Samhadana had just been appointed chief of the Palestinian security services, but his supporters saw no reason to celebrate.

Instead of driving around the potholed streets firing their AK47s in the air, his advisers gathered in a tin-roofed hut in a remote part of the Gaza territory, safe - they hoped - from prying ears.

For now is a dangerous time to be the Palestinians' security supremo, and Abu Samhadana's allies know that even if the Israelis do not succeed in killing him, there are plenty of Palestinian rivals who might like to.

In his first interview with a British newspaper since his controversial appointment as Hamas's "iron glove" last week, Abu Samhadana, 43, revealed his ambitions for the paramilitary force under his control.

"This will be the nucleus of the future Palestinian army," he said. "The resistance must continue."

Abu Samhadana was speaking only days after nine Israelis were killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber. He can expect that Israel security officials are hungry for revenge for the Tel Aviv bombing and regard him as an attractive target.

For his part, the new commander-in-chief remained defiant and gave no sign that he would seek to rein in future attacks.

He told The Sunday Telegraph: "We have only one enemy. They are Jews. We have no other enemy. I will continue to carry the rifle and pull the trigger whenever required to defend my people."


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