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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Actually, she's being amazingly honest!

Ambrose is a breath of fresh air!
Environment Minister Rona Ambrose will chair an international climate change meeting in Germany next week, even though critics are calling for her resignation after she revealed Canada won't be meeting its climate control goals under the Kyoto accord.

Ambrose told the Commons Wednesday that Canada is far short of the goals set by the previous Liberal government.

She said the only way to meet them would be to ground all trains, planes and automobiles in the country, which she added was not realistic.

The statement enraged environmental advocates who say Canada is reneging on its international commitments.

"There are 163 countries that are part of the Kyoto protocol, and right now they are all negotiating on how to strengthen the Kyoto accord on climate change, and what they need and deserve is a minister that is committed to the Kyoto process, and Minister Ambrose is not," Dale Marshall, of the David Suzuki Foundation, told CTV's Canada AM Thursday.

Marshall added his voice to those of six other environmental leaders who have called for Ambrose's resignation, arguing it would be dishonest for her to take a leading role when Canada has no plans to meet its own Kyoto goals.

"This party that's in power now campaigned about the dishonesty of other parties and on this issue of Kyoto, they couldn't be more dishonest than they're behaving right now," John Bennett, the chair of the Climate Action Network told a news conference Wednesday.
But, she's right...we can't meet our targets! I give Ambrose an A for honesty.


Blogger Matt said...

Doesn't it feel great not to have our elected officials lying to us and insulting our intelligence?

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Alberta Girl said...

"David Suzuki Foundation",

"Climate Action Network"

They, along with all the other "trough feeders" are just pi**ed that their gravy train might just dry up.

They have had it far to good pulling the wool over the eyes of unknowing Canadians - time to cut them off!

Go Rona Go

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Trevor said...

People are NOT demanding that Ambrose resign because Canada will not reach our targets.

People ARE demanding that she resign because she and the Conservatives have made it abundantly clear that they wish to have no part in participating in Kyoto (Both prior to forming the government and since).

From the article:
"What they need and deserve is a minister that is COMMITTED to the Kyoto PROCESS, and Minister Ambrose is not," Dale Marshall

It is ridiculous to have a chair on the panel to negotiate International emissions reductions beyond 2012 who does not believe in that goal.

If the Conservatives wish to have a "Made in Canada" (ie made in the US) solution that is fine (although the Bloc, Liberals, NDP and Green Party along with the majority of Canadians support Kyoto). But it is way more than a little bit hypocritical for our government to say to the international community that we will not partake in Kyoto, instead we will go it alone (or join the do-nothing Asian Pacific pact) and then be involved in the negotiations for OTHER countries who believe in International action. Hello? Seriously, does that make sense to anyone? Why would the Conservatives have anyone at those meetings?

If I was from one of the other Countries, like say the UK, who has reduced their emissions by 14 – 18% and is very dedicated to much larger cuts in the future then I would be more than a little bit annoyed that the commission is chaired by a person like Rona Ambrose who does not believe in cutting emissions, from a party like the Conservatives that do not believe in cutting emissions, from a Country like Canada that has had the worst performance among Countries in Kyoto and will do worse under the Conservatives.

Rona Ambrose must resign. It is the only honorable thing to do. If she does not I hope the representatives from other countries (you know the ones who are doing something to improve our future) kick her and Canada out. By her staying in her position she is sullying Canada’s reputation. If you refuse to play by the rules then you should not be allowed to play. Do you not see this?

3:31 PM  
Anonymous x2para said...

if the majority of Canadians support this farce of a treaty then the majority of Canadians are way too easily bamboozled

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liberal failures must be pointed out so people can make informed decisions, the media was always unwilling to question their party, but now are forced to deal with reality.

Ambrose is simply telling the honest truth, if the NDP/Liberals want desperately to ignore the obvious and put their collective heads back in the sand - that's up to them, but Canadians want adults to run the country.

11:36 PM  
Blogger The Commentator said...

Kyoto should not be a priority for now - if ever. Canada has always had a terrible environemntal record that did not match its rhetoric. In this light, Ambrose is remarkably candid. I don't think the Conservatives are against cutting emissions. They are - at least I hope they are - treating the science with a little more scrutiny. The Liberals did it because it got them votes. I don't think they cared all that much themselves. As a lifelong non-partisan citizen, to me they were all talk and no action and I am glad they are out.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

i like ambrose and I want her to quit so she can take over the social development ministers office :0

oh well hopes eh...

Kyoto is not a great thing,, Canadians working together is

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with the honesty of Minister Ambose after years of lyiny arrogant Liberals and thier NDP cheering section. I applaud a decision to employ real science and not the deceptions of the "environmentalist advocates" whose credibilty is fatally impaired.

3:52 AM  

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