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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why I am against the death penalty....

This case is a real scandal.
A federal jury on Friday awarded $2.25 million to a Virginia man who claimed a police investigator fabricated a rape and murder confession that sent him to death row.

Earl Washington Jr., who came within nine days of being executed, had sued the estate of the state police investigator, Curtis Reese Wilmore, who died in 1994. Jurors awarded Washington damages upon finding that Wilmore deliberately fabricated evidence that led to his conviction and death sentence.

"I feel great — and happy," a smiling Washington said after the verdict.

Washington spent nearly 18 years in prison. He was pardoned in 2000 by then-Gov. Jim Gilmore after sophisticated DNA testing, unavailable at the time of the crime, linked a convicted rapist to the murder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that's why I'm against the "hate-laws" for special interest groups.
A persons life can be ruined from a false claim and once the Police are under pressure to label it a "Hate-Crime" you can kiss good bye to and chance of a fair trial.
I have yet to hear just one criminal say they chose to attack someone or commit a crime because they LIKED the person, and naked men flaunting their penis in front of little boys during the Pride Parade have some serious HATE issues towards society and children exposed to this abuse.

Next month our mayor David Miller and Police Chief Bill Blair will actively allow this nudity and hatred towards children becaise of the fear from a claim of being a "Homophobe" and ergo... a "hate-Crime".
In fact, my very own opinion will be attacked as Homophobic and the usual insults will follow about how I must be a ignorant/bigot/racist/islamophobe as well and obviously don't have Adult children that want to be naked in front of little boys.

Capital punishment and Hate-crimes only work if the person is actually guilty, but lies and feeling have perverted both laws that were intended to protect society.

Let the insults begin....

7:49 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Oh yeah? Well, you're, . . . um, a uh, . . . A HOMOPHOBE! . . .and umm, a BIGOT! yeah that's it! A BIGOT! and umm. . . uhh. . . probably a racist too! Yeah! That'll teach you, you intolerant, umm ANTI-CANADIAN, bigot!

8:11 PM  
Blogger USMale said...

I’m in favor of the death penalty. Even though I hold citizenship in the Northern Dominion of Righteousness (aka Canuckistan) from a two-decade sojourn amongst y’all in the 80s and 90’s, I am…a Yank. So you will know ahead of time that I am a clueless and greedy barbarian chimp, like our beloved W. :-)

My reason for being pro-death-penalty is a little unusual. It has to do with cultural self-understanding and civilizational survival.

Getting rid of the DP, as have the Euros and Canadians, is part of a larger project: creating a puritan society free of the stain of traditional humanity. People who participate in this project become increasingly unable to imagine themselves ever acting violently. Against criminals, against enemies, against animals. They easily fall prey to the notion that the human species (especially those endowed with testosterone) is a kind of evil virus attacking Mother Earth Herself. Their notion of “civilized behavior” becomes so pure that, if faced with a traditional human enemy, they eventually become unable even to imagine defending themselves with anything but (increasingly polite and strained) words. Murderers are seen a tragic victims, while their victims are...forgotten. Mustn't encourage negative feelings.

That enemy, by the way, is Islam, a religion which has no trouble whatever in imagining, enacting, and sanctifying all sorts of physical violence. (Cf. Koran, Hadith, Muslim History and especially the life of Mohammed, the Perfect Man). You eventually have something like the Unitarian Universalist Coalition for Peace and Justice facing the Crips and the Bloods (one of our Amurrikan gang corporations). Or the European Union vs. Iran. Guess who’ll win?

It’s a roundabout argument, I admit, but I think it’s real. People who are too good for this world usually exit it early. (Don’t think this defines “Gay And Right Fred”, but I don’t think you can take the DP issue out of that context).

As for sportin’ wood in Gay Pride Parades as a form of hatred for “children and society”, well, you got me there. Where to begin? Might it actually be, Oh, I don’t know, affection for phallus, instead? I suppose two men kissing is just a milder form of that, eh? Not a hate crime yet, but, let’s see…an “irritation” crime?

But, as I said, I’m a murderous Yank barbarian and some form of –phobe, no doubt. Can’t help it. It was that revolution against the King. Messed us all up down here.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Trent said...

I am against the death penalty. Even though many murders deserve to die, I don't believe that society, or anyone else for that matter, has the right to take life. But that's just my view.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So the United 93 passengers murdered the hijackers?

In your world you would have sat there like a good victim and just let someone murder you.

I pray I never end up on the same Plane as you when it gets hijacked for a suicide mission to slaughter thousands of innocent civilians.

7:41 PM  

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