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Friday, May 05, 2006

Australia tries to end male suicide...

At least the Australian government recognizes the in Canada upwards of 75% of suicides are male.
A NATIONAL suicide forum has ended in Sydney today with a bold plan to stamp out male suicide by 2030.

Research shows that every day five men take their life in Australia.

Of the more than 2000 suicides each year, 80 per cent were male.

The inaugural National Forum on Men and Suicide wrapped up with a commitment to tackle the tragedy of male suicide.

The Mental Health Council of Australia said that, with governments turning their attention to the mental health crisis, now was the time to address suicide prevention.

"The forum has laid the foundation for fundamental change in the way Australian society deals with men and suicide," said the council's chief executive, John Mendoza.

"The forum set out a clear long term-goal that by 2030 all Australians will know what actions to take individually and collectively to prevent suicide.

"The bold plan developed by the forum aims that, in one generation, suicide will no longer exist as a health risk for men."

Suicide prevention required an assertive, well-resourced, long-term campaign, Mr Mendoza said.

Professor Ian Webster from the National Advisory Council on Suicide Prevention said attention to men's mental health and emotional wellbeing was long overdue.

"Male suicide is one of the great tragedies of Australia today (and) that is completely unacceptable," Prof Webster said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our world is sickening to have the presecence of fags and lesbos,it is sickening that they fight to have their own rights, well if you want your own damn rights then make your own damn country and take your freak friends with you. Our world would be a better place without people as sick as this fag from canada.

8:51 PM  
Blogger jw said...

To the previous poster: IDIOT!

The Canadian Senate apparently has a suicide action plan ready. It does not include males.

THAT is what the Canadian power structure thinks of Canada's male population. Our government and mental health leaders do not think male life is worth the effort ...

I'd go a bit further and say that the power structure wants dead males (right or wrong that is how I feel). Without doubt, the power structure does not care even a little bit about dead males.

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its great that the australian government has come to this realisation NOW, if only the words matched their feelings and actions in the community and in their other policy decisions.

9:26 AM  

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