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Saturday, May 13, 2006

New heroes to the anti-globalists...

However, they have to sit through speeches that last for hours - suitable punishment in my opinion.
The Che Guevara T-shirts and berets were out in force, as were the squads of Austrian riot police in case "la revolucion" finally kicked off.

Staid old Vienna, where rebellion doesn't normally go beyond the odd parking offence, smelt the whiff of revolution yesterday as thousands of anti-globalisation activists gathered to hear the wisdom of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and his Bolivian ally, Evo Morales.

Fresh from scolding world leaders at Vienna's European Union-Latin American summit last week, the Left-wing crusaders were invited to address an "alternative" summit where their headlining act spread a buzz not seen since the Coldplay concert last year.

It is a long time since activists have been able to call on two such inspiring, crowd-pullers. Nelson Mandela is getting on a bit and Ken Livingstone - due to host Mr Chavez in London today - is not the firebrand he once was.

But there was one slight worry. In addition to their denunciations of globalisation, McDonald's and American cultural imperialism, Mr Chavez and Mr Morales are no fans of that other 21st century Western invention - the quick soundbite. They prefer speeches that go on for up to several hours.

"I heard Morales speak in Guadalajara and he did talk for quite a long time," said Brid Brennan. "He is a very entertaining speaker but he does maybe talk a little too long.


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