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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Imam speaks....on the terrorism suspects..

The CBC gets the scoop from the Imam...
Some of the accused may have been involved in criminal activity, but they were not terrorists, an imam said.

Aly Hindy, an imam at a Toronto mosque, said he knew most of the accused and believed they were not involved in terrorism-related activities.

"But the problem is these days when a Muslim commits fraud, it becomes terrorism. When he commits stealing it becomes terrorism," he told reporters outside the courtroom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the CBC edits out is what he said immediately before. Reuters- "One guy was doing some criminal activity, selling guns for money."

Is Imam Aly Hindy refering to Ali Dirie and Yasin Mohamed? Both sentenced 2 years for gun smuggling in 2005. Were these scumbags not in jail??

3:01 AM  
Blogger jw said...

Dear Imam: There is no known general-criminal activity which involves having 3 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate. There are two uses for AN, fertilizer and bombs. One is legal, one terrorism. You're going to have to show me their farm to get me to believe they were planning to grow wheat.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lawyer Rocco is the same Lawyer for the "Khadr Klan" and mommy Khadr was on the CBC praising the 9/11 hijackers for murdering 24 canadians that support the Zionist pigs that kill Muslims.

For the record, Chretien and Martin have been supporters of the Khadrs , and when Al-Qaeda son returned to Canada it was Rocco that denied any terror links and lied about Khadrs's past.
When the truth came out he then blamed the CIA that paid Khadr $5000 a month to be a spy for them.
But under our Liberal Governemnt Khadr was never charged with tax fraud for never declaring the $60'000 US a year as income , although Martin may have shown the Khadrs how to use a foreign Flag to hide the income from canadian taxes.

2:32 PM  

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