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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Let's not compensate the Chinese for the exclusion act...

I've been somewhat taken aback by Stephen Harper's decision to apologize to the Chinese community for the head tax and the exclusion act...and to pay monies to the people who have paid the head tax.

In my view there were two separate crimes committed: First, the head tax, and second, the exclusion act which prohibited chinese from emigrating to Canada. The second is a far more serious crime than the first - at least Chinese could still get into Canada while paying the head tax.

Consider the case of Jews who were excluded from Canada during the holocaust. From the late 1930 to the end of the war, Canada took in less than 5,000 Jews. Think of how many Jews could have been saved had the Government allowed them in. Should there be compensation for that? How on earth could you ever compensate for the 100,000+ Jews who could have been saved? You can't.

Every group who's been wronged can now stand in line for compensation? How about gays who have been excluded from Canada for years? Gay spouses who have been denied entry for years? Labour groups, Ukranians, etc....there is no shortage of groups who can have some sort of claim.

Of course, I should say that I do deserve some compensation. I have suffered greatly by my lack of suffering. I have had no family members murdered during the holocaust, and I haven't suffered from anti-semitism. Isn't that the ultimate insult to somebody who is jewish? And, being gay, I am sure that I should get some sort of payment - particularly since gay sex wasn't taught in sex ed when I was in school. I was deprived, no? I figure a cheque of $25,000 should cover my suffering.

One last note: Instead of token compensation for the chinese, I believe the government should build an immigration museum which could cover the head tax, the exclusion act, the ban on allowing Jews into the country during the second world war, etc....


Blogger Dave T. said...

I should be compensated for reading your stupid drivel. Say... $50,000 for suffering?

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my heritage is Acadian . . we were the first victims . . I want money + 350 years of interest.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Jack said...

Good one -- "You're linked."you're linked.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Jack said...

I screwed up -- sorry. Here's the link you want.

Wente - Canada’s community of victims | June 24th, 2006

2:15 PM  
Blogger USMale said...

If you want to preserve social cohesion and a stable social order, why is it wrong to regulate immigration so as to meet that goal? Do you think that the Chinese would give one hair's breadth of a thought to choosing to allow into their country massive numbers of culturally alien foreigners? And why should they? And why should Canada have?

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets go back to the mind set at that time and see how they were thinking.

First off the Chinese rulers didn't allow their skilled exploited garment industry labourers to leave the Country, the harbour police searched boats for deserters and shot them on site to rot in the water as an example for others.
Canada needed labourers but China had no interest in our problems , but China did cut a deal with the British to stop killing deserters if Canada chargered a Head-tax as punishment for leaving China and depleting its Labour Industry.
Canada was caught between allowing the murders to continue and hope many stow aways made it to canada , or , Sign a pact with China to assure some type of endunture or persona non gratis.

The Head-Tax didn't just fall from the sky as Olivia Chow and Susuan Eng would like us to believe, China created this paradox of a Tax or execution to either leave China or enter Canada.

Secondly, lets look at immigration
around the 1900-1940's , Canada had about 5,000,000 million people while China had over 400,000,000
people and we had almost every area of industry as China did with Forrestry, mining,fishing,hunting ,weather , land mass , and access to 18% of the worlds fresh water and a river to the Atlantic.

If Olivia Chow thinks China was so utopitc and free of any Human rights violations back then , why doesn't she question someone willing to pay to get into Canada, and would she rather had no Head-tax and Canada just sit back and let China's Police execuse escaping workers.
Plus even today we design or immigration act to exclude some people , we even sellect a max.amount to protect our Identity.
With 32,000,000 people in Canada ,do you think for one minute we would have a open-door Policy with a Country that had ...lets say 3,200,000,000 people all wanting to come to Canada.

400,000,000 Chinese could have easily taken Canada away from the British just by the shear number of sending thousands per month until our 4,000,000 became the minority .
So ...please, someone ask Chow and Eng to check the whole history behing a head-tax which the Liberals still used , and a exclusion Act many UN Countries
have the right to do as self-preservation from Terrorists and foreign armies.

The Slavery issue is the next scam, Stats Canada shows the only 10% of the Afro-Canadian population lived here before 1970, yet today we see about 80% demanding Black History and African studies.
I bet 95 percent of the whiners haven't evenb been to Africa or could find a small African nation on a map.

It's the money folks, Liberals created a giant breast for all to feed off and never have to grow up and become selfreliant.

4:14 PM  

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