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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hezbollah's use of civilians...

A very revealing story from the anti-Israeli newspaper in the UK, The Guardian.
As if to make his point, the sound of Israeli shells blasting the surrounding hills shakes the door and shutters every few minutes. Ali does know the Israelis. He started fighting them at the age of 17 when they invaded Lebanon in 1982. Three years later he was arrested with two of his comrades and spent a few months in an Israeli prison. Within weeks of his release he was fighting them again.That's what he did for the next six years.

For the last five years he has been finishing his theology studies in Tehran. A month ago, he was asked by Hizbullah to return to southern Lebanon. He arrived a week before the fighting began.

Standing at the window, he points to the banana plantations between us and the blue Mediterranean. "I have fought for years in these groves. We used to sit and wait for them [the Israelis] to make a move and then we would hit. They always moved too quickly, too soon."

All over the hills of south Lebanon hundreds of men like Sayed Ali and his comrades are waiting - some in bunkers, some in farm houses - for the Israeli troops to arrive. Sayed Ali and his men spend most of their time in the building where his apartment is, moving only at night.

"We stay put and we don't move till we get our orders, and this is why we are not like any other militia. A militiaman will fire whenever he likes at whatever he likes," explains one of the men, who says he has been involved in firing Katyusha rockets into northern Israel. "We have specific orders. Even when we fire rockets we know when and where [to fire] and each of the men manning the launchers runs to a specific hiding place after firing the rockets."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember how the MCC and Tarek Fatah denounced the 17 terrorists arrested in Toronto and insisted
a hand full of nutbars hijacked islam.
Well, now the MCC backs Hezbollah and has chosen to attack 4 U.N. Members, Canada,Britian,USA and Israel.
Now that the Islamists are getting their butts kicked and the public hears about Civilians being used as shields, Mr.Fatah's MCC has flip-flopped on it's stance for Terrorism by Muslims.
Note how Fatah once claimed Harper's Government is a minority Government and doesn't speak for all canadians, now he and the MCC insist Harper must denounce Israel for defending itself and speak for all Canadians.
The MCC was a spin-off group from Muhammad Elmasry's Jew-bashing CIC which he himself stated that "All Israeli's over 18 are valid targets for murder by suicide bombers".
Mr.Fatah supported Same-Gender marriage as a "Rights issue" and faught agaisnt Sharia-law , now he back Hezbollah and Hamas that want Shariah-law and to kill all non-Muslims and homosexuals within islam.

Isn't free-speech wonderful , the media's records comments to be used in the future to convict the hypocrit like Fatah attacking the RCMP for deporting 19 Illegals that were all Muslims and now he praises the RCMP for weeding out the 17 Jihadist Canadians that misunderstand the Quran.

9:07 PM  

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