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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Streets are safer for women than men!

The Statistics Canada study on spousal violence that I referenced earlier has an interesting table on violent crime in Canada, in which they identify the sex of victims. Guess what, if you look at the numbers of victims of violent crime committed by strangers, you'll see that men outnumber women 2-1:

Male Victims 34,447
Female Victims 15,806

This can only mean one thing. The streets are safer for women than men. Twice as safe, no? Of course, not that Statistics Canada would tell you this. But, the facts are clear!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this is why I get amazed when the MSM has an expert cite the opposit Stats as Factual and it goes unchallenged .

BTW,when a female reports an abuse to Police from a same gender partner it still goes on the Tote-board as a perceived Victim of a male abuser.
I've seen this fact being confirmed on a debate show but it was admitted as a negative response that reports DON'T isolate who the female was abused by.

11:14 PM  
Blogger jw said...

Men are twice as likely to be assaulted by strangers. Men are also much more likely to be assaulted by:

casual acquaintances
business partners
authority figures

I might also add that men are much less likely to report assaults, thus the official data severely underrepresents male victimization.

We should also add that for the first time, to my knowledge, gay men assault their partners more than lesbians.

"According to the 10-year linked file, 2.5% of policereported
incidents of spousal violence occurred between same-sex couples. The proportion of these incidents
in which the couples were gay males is two-and-a-half times that of lesbian couples (72% versus 28%). These data may undercount the prevalence of violence between
same-sex couples as police may code the relationship as something other than current or ex-spouse (e.g. boyfriend or girlfriend)."

Family Violence in Canada: 2006 pp 19

3:51 AM  

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