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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Annan compares Israelis with Taliban...

And, of course, he is not calling for the unconditional release of the Israeli hostages.
In a departure from language used by the U.N. Security Council, Secretary-General Annan yesterday linked the issue of releasing Israeli soldiers to freeing Lebanese terrorists held by Israel. Hezbollah demanded a prisoner swap when it kidnapped the two soldiers on July 12, launching a month-long war.

Mr. Annan, speaking to the press in Beirut, retreated from several demands the Security Council made on Hezbollah and went as far as to equate the conduct of Israeli army soldiers with that of terrorists serving the Taliban regime.

"You have to talk with those with the guns to stop shooting, whether they are Israelis or whether they are Taliban or anybody else," he said, referring to the United Nations's need to deliver assistance to victims at times of war.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annan is a stupid puppet whose strings can easily be pulled by the fascists in Iran, integrity or even decency mean nothing to the man. His tenure will hopefully mark the absolute worst of the UN if the organization survives - because it would be hard to imagine a worse leader. Then again, maybe if Saddam Hussein replaced Kofi Annan...

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