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Thursday, August 31, 2006

How's this for an investigation...

With all of their problems, the Lebanese are investigating the General who had tea with the Israelis.
Parliament's Defense, Interior and Security Committee held discussions Thursday on investigations by the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces into an incident in Marjayoun during the war in which a Lebanese general was videotaped having tea with Israeli officers.

On August 10, as the Israeli offensive was in its final days, Israeli troops took control of the South Lebanese town of Marjayoun. Two Israeli tanks rolled up to the gate of the local garrison, where a white flag of surrender was fluttering outside the barracks. In video shot by Israeli television, Lebanese soldiers inside were shown offering tea to the Israelis. The encounter appeared social.

After the video was aired, the Interior Ministry ordered the arrest of the base commander, General Adnan Daoud. Lebanon does not recognize Israel and forbids its citizens any contact with Israelis.

Following the 90-minute committee meeting, MP Walid Eido said the panel examined the Interior Ministry's report into the incident with the participation of the ISF general inspector, Brigadier General Simon Haddad, who questioned Daoud after his arrest.

According to Eido, the committee decided that the case needed further investigation. The file had been referred to the committee by Speaker Nabih Berri.


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