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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Take Back the Night for Men???

I wish Stats Canada would say the same for Canada - the streets are safer for women than for men.
Every year, campuses and cities across North America hold "Take Back the Night" -- marches and rallies to protest violence against women. But surprising data suggests that men may need to reclaim 'the night' as urgently as women.

On Aug. 10, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released the results of its first national Personal Safety Survey (PSS, 2005). It is the only national survey by a 'Western' country that analyzes a wide range of violence on the basis of a respondent's sex.

Thus, the PSS offers the best snapshot available of the comparative violence experienced by men and women in a society with laws and a culture similar to North America.

The results are remarkable. If valid, they have far-reaching implications for how issues of gender and violence should be addressed.

The current approach basically views women as victims and men as aggressors. The survey's bottom line: Australian men are twice as likely as women to become victims of physical violence or of threats thereof (11 percent of men; 5.8 percent of women). For the population between eighteen and twenty-four years of age, men were almost three times as likely (31 percent of men; 12 percent of women). But men were also three times more likely than women to be the perpetrators of violence.

Violence against men most often took the form of a brute physical attack rather than a sexual assault/threat. When perpetrated by another man, the assault occurred "at licensed premises (34 percent) or in the open (35 percent), however if the perpetrator was female then 77 percent of the physical assaults occurred in the home."


Blogger Road Hammer said...

What if you isolate for race?

2:35 PM  
Blogger jw said...

It doesn't matter how you isolate, there are still more male victims of violence than female, a LOT more. Isolating the racial minorities increases the odds of a male being harmed by violence, but does not bring females up to the male rate for caucasians.

For instance, the rough data for murder is 11 male victims for every female. The police prefer to remove the majority wherein the person's murder was a byproduct of their own involvement with crime. Doing so leaves us with 6 innocent males for every innocent female: YET, all discussions of innocent murder victims are female ONLY. The anti-male sexism is so strong and so all pervasive that there can be no rational discussion of the matter.

The same thing happens with L3 assaults (those where the victim is hospitalized). Every now and then the provinces publish a list of hospital "reasons for admission." Female assault victims have never been on any of the lists: Males are always on the lists.

5:21 AM  

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