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Saturday, September 16, 2006

This is outrageous....

There should be harsh punishment for false rape accusations.
An innocent man jailed for a sex attack was dramatically cleared after it emerged that his 'victim' is a serial liar with a long history of crying rape.

But because of laws that protect her anonymity, judges are powerless to name and shame her, leaving her free to make more false accusations against blameless members of the public.

Mr Blackwell, 36, hugged his loyal wife Tanya and wept as the Appeal Court quashed his conviction.

He described his accuser as "every man's worst nightmare".

Mr Justice Tugendhat admitted, however, that similar tragic cases could follow because of the lies of the woman, Miss A.

"Parliament does not seem to have contemplated this situation.

"There appears to be no means of displacing her entitlement to anonymity."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There should be no anonymity for rape victims. Why feminists wanted to 'hide their shame' in the first place by making them anonymous is puzzling, but feminists pushed for anonymity - it's no wonder they don't condemn places like Pakistan or Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Feminists agree that women are somehow to blame. Nasty.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you wonder what kind of defence counsel this guy had . . . even a cursory check of this woman's background should have turned up plenty of grist for the mill.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous above said, "There should be no anonymity for rape victims."

I don't have a problem with anonymity for genuine rape victims. They've already been traumatized; they hardly need others talking about them, often behind their backs, wondering "did she deserve it?" Whatever.

But the woman we're talking about here ISN'T A RAPE VICTIM.

Her name should be published. She has broken the law by fraudulently accusing someone of rape, severely jeopardizing his life, his family, his livelihood, etc. I hope she has to pay damages.

Just being accused of rape is going to change this man and his family's life forever, and many will not know that the charges have been dropped. His name will always have a stain attached to it.

The woman involved should be made a public example of.

What city, BTW, is she from? Or what part of the country? Is she Canadian, American, British?

5:40 PM  

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