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Monday, October 23, 2006

Cars stolen in Norway turn up in Iraq....

and are then used in suicide bombings...
More and more cars stolen in Norway are turning up in Iraq, with some of them being used by suicide bombers.

The car thefts in Norway are thus being linked to terrorist activity and the financing of terrorism.

Car thefts have often been carried out by criminals who later use them in armed robberies, the drug trade or for sale in developing countries. Investigators are now tracking them to the Middle East, where sometimes their license plates are merely covered over by local plates.

Many of the cars carry large loans, meaning their theft amounts to a swindle against the lender financing them or the car's insurance company. Nearly 60 stolen cars worth as much as NOK 20 million are believed to have been sent to northern Iraq via Syria and Turkey as early as 2004.

Geir Skjelstad, whose company Hera AS works for an automobile finance company, claims some of the cars were then smuggled into southern Iraq. "The information we're getting is that they are used in suicide bombings or in other terrorist operations," he told newspaper Aftenposten over the weekend.


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