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Friday, October 20, 2006

Hurt Feelings?

He feelings were hurt? And, she has to be paid?
A Muslim teaching assistant who was suspended for refusing to remove her veil during lessons has been awarded £1,100 for "injury to her feelings".

Aishah Azmi, 24, lost her claims that she was discriminated against because of her religious beliefs and that she had suffered harassment.

But an employment tribunal ruled that she had been victimised through the environment created as a result of her stance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islam forces her to cover her face - the fascist muslims should be paying her for 'hurting her feelings'.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous x2para said...

if these people want to wear disguises in public maybee they should go to a country where its normal to do so. If you left a muslim country because it was so crap, why would you want your new country changed into the same?

7:25 AM  

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