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Friday, October 27, 2006

Spending money on diversity...not on crime!

I wonder what the figures are like for Canada.
Scotland Yard has spent almost £450 million on promoting 'equality and diversity' in the past three years. In the past year alone £187 million - six per cent of the Met budget - went on 'equalities-related expenditure'.

This included recruitment, training and research within minority communities, as well as crime fighting and prevention.

It covered not just race issues, but those of gender, faith, disability, age and sexuality. Since 2003, more than £21million has been spent on interpreters' fees.


Blogger jw said...

I'd bet Canada's spending will be found to be similar. This is NUTS!

You might remember a few years ago when I got the RCMP to take down their family violence website as it did not include male victims and did include a fair bit of misandry. The Mounties wasted a lot of money on that website. DUMB! Real dumb ...

My complaint about diversity is that it is not diverse as males are not part of diversity. OK, valid complaint. But! But to spend a lot of money on it? I doubt that will do anything to fix the underlying problems.

The police job is to fight crime and protect the citizenry. Let them to that ...

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