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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gay Press Gets Crude over OBrien...

Capital Xtra is pissed that Alex Munter didn't become the next mayor of Ottawa.

How's this for an opening line?
Yup, we've selected our next mayor and he looks like a six-foot penis in a suit.
If the straight press had a similar type of comment about Munter, the gay press would be howling....

And, of course, in Marcus McCann's column, he already accuses O'Brien of homophobia....despite the fact that O'Brien marched in the gay pride march and answered all of Capital X'tra's questions in the campaign issue. No, he's homophopbic because he didn't attend the gay mayoral debate and the fact that his campaign team includes ex-Mayor Jackie Holzman, who is not a friend of the gay community.

I have no problem if Capital Xtra doesn't like O'Brien. But, please....stop the accusations of homophobia. And, just stop the crudity.


Anonymous Backseat Blogger said...

No, Fred.

The real question is does he REALLY look like "a six-foot penis in a suit" ?

I can picture that in my head but somehow I don't think reality will match my fantasy.

Post a pic of the new mayor :)

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

lol @ backseat, no he doesn't look like that. I have a few pics of him up on my blog, I've been posting about his campaign like mad the past week or so.

Fred, thanks for pointing this out. I was aware that he had answered a series of questions for Xtra, but not being a reader, was unaware of those baseless accusations.

I'm sure there are others who can see through the BS

1:16 PM  
Blogger Neo Conservative said...

fred, you seem like a reasonable guy.

i've just gotta say this kind of thing just makes me tired. hey... i can't eat raisons without gagging, does that make me grapophobic? enough of this stupid drivel from all the "downtrodden communities".

as fascinating as their own sexual preference is to the bi-trans-homo herds, they could stop to consider that some of us non-nazis just don't want to hear about it.

i'd say to the homo AND islamo communities... if you want to be considered an equal part of Canadian society, stop self-segregating.

and please stop with the poor fucking me thing. get over yourself.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous bo-pup in Ottawa said...

Yup, if you're not a loonie-left gay candidate (think rock-steady Svend Robinson, not-terribly-trustworthy Scott Brison, that Bloquiste wailer Real Menard and the ever-irritating Alex Munter) you're a homophobe.

At least O'Brien's in good company; they said terrible things about Harper when he was elected last January, and of course Mike Harris was evil beyond words in their minds.

Happily, all gay people waste their time on that X-tra drivel, nor do they vote for a candiate just because they're gay. It's important to remember that the X-tra types are self-appointed spokesthingys and they don't speak for anyone but themselves and certainly not for the "gay community", whatever that is.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous bo-pup in Ottawa . . . OOPS! said...

...Happily NOT all gay people waste their time on that X-tra drivel

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Gareth said...

Just for the record, O'Brien did not march in the Pride Parade. He did drop by to say hi to participants prior to the march and then left.

3:29 PM  

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