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Saturday, November 18, 2006

How about this - UN Committee votes to discourage human rights bodies from condemning human rights violations...

Amazingly ridiculous....but, of course, Israel would still be the lone exception.
A U.N. General Assembly committee has voted to discourage U.N. human rights bodies from adopting resolutions condemning the human rights situation in any country, over strong objections from the United States and many European countries.

The draft resolution, sponsored by Belarus and Uzbekistan which have both been accused of serious human rights abuses, was approved by the assembly's human rights committee Thursday by a vote of 77-63, with 26 abstentions.

It now goes to the full 192-member General Assembly for a final vote. Assembly resolutions are not legally binding.

Its key provision "stresses the need to avoid politically motivated and biased country-specific resolutions on the situation of human rights, confrontational approaches, exploitation of human rights for political purposes, selective targeting of individual countries for extraneous considerations and double standards in the work of the United Nations on human rights issues."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canada should withdraw its Ambassador to the United Nations until that failed state cleans up its act.

4:42 PM  
Blogger cyberjacques said...

This is mind-boggling! "...avoid politically motivated and biased country-specific resolutions on the situation of human rights..." As if it's unfair to accuse a country of human rights violations even if they're guilty. Damn right it's biased and country-specific! You don't see Scotland beheading people, you don't see Japan executing Christians. What, if we accuse one country, we have to accuse them all? The U.N. is a corrupt and evil organization. Don't think for a minute that they're just cowards, giving in to the demands of violent thugs. They ARE the violent thugs! They approve of the human rights violations, and they're undoubtedly funneling massive amounts of OUR money to our enemies. We should stop funding them, they get the vast majority of their money from the U.S. Why, so they can call us racist imperialists and declare sanctions against our allies?

4:13 AM  

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