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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why bother having a Christmas party???

It's much safer if we don't have parties at all....This is from the Daily Mai in the UK.
Office Christmas parties face the axe after the Government's industrial relations watchdog warned bosses they face being sued for a raft of "politically correct" misdemeanours.

In an extraordinary advice pamphlet, Acas told firms they have a "duty of care" to drunken staff and could face crippling legal action if they do not get home safely.

Managers were also told age discrimination laws could be breached if the music and entertainment caters only for younger staff, and holding a raffle or giving out alcoholic prizes could offend Muslims.

Any member of staff who suffers "verbal abuse" for being gay could also sue - even if it takes place in the pub before the office party.

And Acas, a Government quango charged with settling industrial disputes, added a "proper risk assessment" must be carried out before any decorations are put up, particularly if they could be fire hazards.

Staff were cleared to display trees, tinsel and lights - but only because they are "secular" and "not inherently religious".

This, the advice note says, makes it "difficult to argue that they cause offence to non-Christians".

The guidance was last night branded "politically correct drivel", but firms said it was enough to put them off holding an official Christmas party.

Employment lawyers said they would also think twice about going ahead with a celebration, given the Acas warning.

Possible pitfalls include age discrimination laws, a raft of health and safety legislation and the Protection from Harassment Act. Damages could run to hundreds of thousands of pounds - enough to cripple a small business.

Matt Hardman, of the Forum of Private Business, said companies were cancelling formal Christmas parties.


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