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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chinese come face-to-face with Jihad...

And, where are the denunciations in the UN?
Chinese police killed 18 suspects and arrested 17 others during a raid on an alleged terrorist camp in the far western Xinjiang region, a police official said Monday.

Song Hongli, director of the general office of the Xinjiang Public Security Bureau, said the raid occurred Friday at a training camp run by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement.

One police officer was killed and another was injured, Song said.

Police are searching for suspects who are believed to have escaped during the raid, Song said, but did not say how many.

Song said the camp was located in the Pamir Plateau, a sprawling high-altitude section of western Xinjiang near the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, but he did not give an exact location.


Blogger William E. Demers said...

One of the major factors that pushed me towards Conservatism, was the right-wing's desire to see issues objectively.

It is absurd that the UN criticizes the United States for its proactive approach, but turns a blind eye to other regions of the world.

10:04 AM  

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