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Friday, January 12, 2007

DvD predicts mass extermination of Jews...

This is from a documentary to be show in the UK next monday.
One of London’s most established mosques is selling DVDs predicting the mass-killing of the entire worldwide Jewish community, a British undercover television documentary will claim.

The London Central Mosque, in Regents Park, is later this month to be exposed as selling DVDs containing the speeches by two radical preachers, Sheikh Feiz and Sheikh Khalid Yasin, which predict the mass-extermination of the Jews on a "day of judgment," dismiss equal rights for women as "foolishness," and accuse the Christian faith of deliberately spreading the AIDS virus around Africa.

Dispatches, an investigative series on the UK’s Channel Four, is to reveal further details of the so-called ’hate’ preacher DVDs, which it discovered were being sold at the London Central Mosque shop, when its episode ’Undercover Mosques’ is screened at 8pm on Monday. The station says its revelations come after a 12-month investigation into hate-preaching and extremism in Britain’s Muslim religious institutions.

In one of the DVDs sold in the mosque shop, the documentary will show Sheikh Feiz imitating the noise of a pig when referring to Jewish people, who he says will be killed on the "day of judgment".

Other DVD footage shows Sheikh Yasin saying: "The whole delusion of equality of women is foolishness... there is no such thing."

He also says: "Missionaries from the World Health Organisation and Christian groups went into Africa and inoculated people for diphtheria, malaria, yellow fever and they put in the medicine the AIDS virus, which is a conspiracy."


Blogger Jesse said...

I love it when people say Jews and women are subhuman in the same sentence. Because when most sane people disagree with one clause, they might be compelled to disagree on both points.

That said, when condoms aren't handed out around Africa, millions die. Darwinian selection will take place, of course. People who are resistant to AIDS will soon pop up left and right, and pretty soon Africans will become the dominant race in this world. They will not give condoms to white folks, of course, as it wouldn't be morally correct to let them live. No no.

5:41 PM  

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