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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hypocrisy, Discrimination - all in the name of equality...

I can see this coming to Canada, from the UK.
It is responsible for implementing what has been called the biggest shake-up in equality laws for 30 years.

From April, the Equal Opportunities Commission will tell 40,000 public authorities, including government departments, police forces, schools and hospital trusts to employ equal numbers of men and women, or risk court action.

The new Gender Equality Duty will give public organisations a statutory duty to "promote gender equality" and "eliminate sexual discrimination". But the authorities -affected may wish to ask the commission to impose its rigorous new regime on itself.

For figures show that only 18 per cent of Equal Opportunities Commission staff are male. Amanda Ariss, head of policy and research at the commission, said: "It's true. We have more women than men. We're well aware of the issue and we've put a lot of effort into trying to attract more men."

Eleven of the 15 most senior officials profiled on the commission's website are women. While critics might accuse the equality watchdog of perpetrating the type of discrimination it combats, the commission insists it is not to blame for its "gender imbalance".

The responsibility, it claims, lies with men. "A lot of males think we won't employ men - which isn't true at all," said Mrs Ariss, adding that men "edit themselves out of the recruitment process". The commission says low staff turnover also makes it harder to cut the number of women.


Blogger jw said...

I wonder what "public" means. If it applies to hospitals, they're going to have fun getting enough male nurses for equality; they'd first have to change the policy of nursing education programs and that takes time! Same for teachers.

A lot of these efforts are more than a bit silly. They seem to think that males and females will ALWAYS be interested in the same things for the same reasons and that is not always true.

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should I hire the person who actually has the knowledge to do the job, or should I hire the one who meets our equity requirements? What a choice. Meet your new doctor, a disabled Asian gay woman who never went to medical school. Our civilization will fall because of nutbars within, not because of attack from outside.

11:20 PM  

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