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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Anti-semitism in Canada

The B'nai Brith reported a 12/8% increase in anti-semitic incidents in 2006. Here's some of the incidents....

Toronto, ON ­ During "Israel Apartheid Week" on campus, an invited speaker alleges that Jews are killers who use their wealth to control the world.

Charlottetown, PEI - A Jewish student is taunted at school and referred to as a "dirty Jew".

Toronto, ON - Two boys parade through the Jewish community waving a vintage Nazi flag from their car.

Vancouver, BC - The campaign manager of a losing candidate blames the 'Jewish-owned media' for his defeat.

Toronto, ON - A social worker gives a Heil Hitler salute and complains to a
colleague: "All Jews must die".

Montreal, QC - Several Arabic-speaking men use rocks and bricks in an attempt to force entry into a kosher restaurant via the window. They then throw a lit firecracker inside.

Toronto, ON - A community college teacher tells her students that the media is under the control of the Jews and that "the media make things up like the Holocaust".


St John, NB - The words "die Jewish scums" [sic] are found on a soccer message board.
Halifax, NS - Israeli Ambassador to Canada, Alan Baker, is heckled with antisemetic remarks while visiting Dalhousie University.

Toronto, ON - A school principal singles out and harasses the two Jewish teachers who work at his school.

Montreal, QC - A crowd of Arabic-speaking teenagers swarms two women, calls them "dirty Jews", and assaults their male friends outside a restaurant.

Ottawa, ON - Antisemitic insinuations are made repeatedly during a meeting sponsored by the federal government and attended by Canadian NGOs.

Richmond Hill, ON - A child is bullied at school and taunted about his Jewishness.

Montreal QC - A synagogue is vandalized on three separate occasions.


Montreal, QC - The owner of a kosher restaurant is threatened by a caller who warns: "You f**king Jew, we got you once, we'll get you again and this time we'll kill you."

Toronto, ON - A swastika and the message "gas the Jews" is etched inside a downtown facility.

Montreal, QC - Swastikas and the SS insignia are spray-painted on the wall of a synagogue.

Toronto, ON - The Holocaust memorial site at Earl Bales Park is vandalized and defaced with graffiti twice over a three-day period.
Regina, SK - Jewish residents are sent pamphlets telling them they will rot in hell if they do not convert to Christianity.

Toronto, ON - The entrance of an apartment is vandalized and painted with swastikas and slogans including "Die Jewz", [sic] "bitch", and "cunt".


Montreal, QC - Five teenagers throw rocks at a visibly Jewish man and shout "go back to your country" and "Allahu akbar".

Ottawa, ON - A house with a visible mezuzah is vandalized twice.

Toronto, ON - A supporter of white supremacist Tomasz Winnicki addresses a message to B'nai Brith: "Why don't you dumb-f**k kikes leave this guy alone? Besides you hook-nosers aren't even real Jews. You're just a bunch of Khazars".

Calgary, AB - Swastikas are etched onto two portable classrooms at an Orthodox Jewish day school.


Montreal, QC - Two Arabic-speaking men throw rocks at a visibly Orthodox Jewish woman as she sits in her parked car with her infant daughter.

Ottawa, ON - A prison guard taunts an inmate, calling him a "dirty Jew".

Toronto, ON - A mental health patient is harassed by a nurse and labeled a "bad Jew".

Toronto, ON - A Jewish woman living in a social housing project is harassed by her neighbors who carve swastikas onto her front door and make anti-Jewish slurs

Winnipeg, MB - Thirty-one windows are smashed at a synagogue.

Victoria, BC - A white supremacist group distributes antisemitic and anti-immigrant flyers.


Montreal, QC - A visibly Jewish teenager is riding on the bus when three teenagers throw peanuts at him and yell, "Jew, Jew, dirty Jew".

Toronto, ON - A Jew driving downtown is physically assaulted by the driver of another car, who hurls a bottle at him, spitting and shouting that a "pig-nose Jew should not be driving," and threatening that he will "kill you like my grandparents killed yours".

Winnipeg, MB - Antisemitic leaflets are handed out to the audience at a concert hall.

Toronto, ON - A hate rock festival promotes anti-Jewish and anti-Black propaganda.


Montreal, QC - A Jewish family discovers a decapitated pig floating in their backyard swimming pool.

Toronto, ON - "Death to Jews" is scrawled on a street sign in the North York area.

Montreal, QC - Three men throw rocks at a group of congregants waiting outside their synagogue, shouting "this is revenge for Lebanon".
Ottawa, ON - While walking to the Jewish community centre, a visibly Jewish man is verbally harassed with antisemitic slurs by occupants in a passing car.

Montreal, QC - At an anti-Israel rally, where open support for the terrorist group Hezbollah is expressed, a Jewish bystander is physically assaulted and a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) is publicly desecrated.

Winnipeg, MB - Nazi-themed graffiti is spray-painted over a 50-foot stretch on a public park walkway.

Montreal, QC - B'nai Brith Canada receives a message reading: "The Jews are murderers just as bad as Hitler. We should have exterminated them when we had the chance".

Vancouver, BC - Antisemitic graffiti and swastikas are found on 12 different sites across the city.

Toronto, ON - A "Call to Arms" from a white supremacist group is circulated via e-mail calling for violence against the Jewish community.


Toronto, ON - While walking in Earl Bales Park, a visibly Jewish man is approached by two men claiming to be Palestinians looking for work. They ask him if he knows any "rich Jews in the area" because they want to work for "religious idiots". The two men strike the man and knock off his kippah before walking away.

Toronto, ON - A rabbi is attacked and accused of "wanting to start wars".

London, ON - A security guard in the mall shouts at kids fighting with one another to "stop acting like Jews".

Toronto, ON - A house with a mezuzah is smeared with feces.


Montreal, QC - An Orthodox Jewish school is firebombed in the early hours of the morning.

Toronto, ON - A synagogue in North Toronto receives threats by mail.

Montreal, QC - A glass bottle is thrown at a rabbi's home, shattering his window.

Winnipeg, MB - Antisemitic graffiti is scrawled on the walls of a synagogue and windows are smashed.

Montreal, QC - Several teenagers outline a Star of David on the ground using tape, spit on it and invite other passersby to join in and do the same.


Montreal, QC - B'nai Brith's Quebec Region office receives a message stating: "You are cowards and child killers."

Ottawa, ON - A swastika and the message "F**k Jews" is spray-painted on public property.

Toronto, ON - Organizers at a major downtown venue receive death threats against a Jewish performer days before her appearance in a concert.

Montreal, QC - Several men verbally harass a young and visibly Jewish boy, taunting him and ridiculing his head-covering, shouting "why are you wearing that piece of shit on your head?" Toronto, ON - Jewish community signs and property are defaced with swastikas, pictures and the message "F**k Jews".

Brampton, ON - The message "Die Jews" is outlined in the sand of a public park.

Toronto, ON - A Holocaust survivor who uses a transportation service designed for handicapped users overhears the driver making Holocaust denial remarks.


Montreal, QC - A Jewish organization receives the following message "If you are not happy with Quebec or Canada policies [sic], you have only to return to Israel and continue to kill your neighbours".

Toronto, ON - The elevator of a downtown building is repeatedly defaced with the words "Jew Killers" and swastikas.

Winnipeg, MB - "F**king Jew" is spray-painted on a vehicle.


Toronto, ON - A hotel receives a message from a caller threatening "to kill all the Jews." The caller inquires "how many Jews do you have?"

Montreal, QC - Delegates at the Liberal Leadership convention are urged not to vote for Bob Rae because his wife is Jewish.

Toronto, ON - A menorah displayed in a Jewish neighborhood is vandalized.

Victoria, BC - Anonymous hate mail targets a member of the Jewish community who authored a letter to the editor of a local newspaper protesting the Holocaust denial of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Toronto, ON - A young man is repeatedly taunted with the slur, "Jew Boy," as he walks along the sidewalk.


Blogger Jesse said...

As a Jew, I'd say the silver-lining for me is that I live in Saskatchewan, the province with the lowest number of reported antisemetic incidents.

What I am worried about in this province is hate against aboriginals. That, and the NDP winning another term.

1:40 AM  

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