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Friday, April 06, 2007

Pillars of Wisdom on Climate Change

The New Zealand Climate Science has some wisdom on climate change.
1. Over the past few thousand years, the climate in many parts of the world has been warmer and cooler than it is now. Civilisations and cultures flourished in the warmer periods.

2. A major driver of climate change is variability in solar effects, such as sunspot cycles, the sun's magnetic field and solar particles.

These may account in great part for climate change during the past century. Evidence suggests warming involving increased carbon dioxide exerts only a minor influence.

3. Since 1998, global temperature has not increased. Projection of solar cycles suggests that cooling could set in and continue to about 2030.

4. Most recent climate and weather events are not unusual; they occur regularly.

For example, in the 1930s the Arctic experienced higher temperatures and had less ice than now.

5. Stories of impending climate disaster are based almost entirely on global climate models.

Not one of these models has shown that it can reliably predict future climate.

6. The Kyoto Protocol, if fully implemented, would make no measurable difference to world temperatures.

The trillions of dollars that it will cost would be far better spent on solving known problems such as the provision of clean water, reducing air pollution and fighting malaria and Aids.

7. Climate is constantly changing and the future will include coolings, warmings, floods, droughts and storms.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent points by the Kiwis. It's nice to listen to people who have studied climate in a scientific way. The agenda driven 'scientists' simply annoy with their twaddle.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally someone has actually used their head not their emotions. What a relief from all the doomsdayers out there.

10:34 PM  

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