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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where is the outrage???

Three Israelis are still being held hostage....
It is sad that Gilad, Udi and Eldad were missing from the Schalit, Goldwasser and Regev family Seders this year. Not only their families but all of Israeli society felt their absence.

Our lives continue normally, but the abduction of our soldiers and dearth of information about their fate touches each and every one of us.

The abduction of the soldiers, the refusal of their captors to permit the International Red Cross to visit them, their complete isolation from the world and the lack of any knowledge regarding their health is one of the most serious crimes being perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist organizations.

What could be more natural, then, than for the celebrated international human-rights organizations, who rush to condemn Israel for crimes real and imagined, to cry out in protest against this ongoing cruelty to the soldiers' families?

AMAZINGLY enough, however, until now only a feeble murmur of mild protest has been heard. Human Rights Watch issued a statement on June 29, 2006 which defined the abduction of Gilad Schalit as a war crime. The main thrust of the statement, however, was a condemnation of the Israeli attack on the Gaza power station that came in its wake.

Amnesty International, the organization that has - with the support of its Israeli branch -implicitly blamed the Israeli occupation for the many cases of "honor killing" in the territories in which Palestinian women have been murdered by their families, on June 27 called for the release of Shalit, but of course added a knee-jerk condemnation of Israel.


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