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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Church of England favours appeasement..

Oh, yes..if not for British foreign policy, there would be no radical muslims...the Church of England is deluded in its naivete. Shame on them.

British Muslims have been radicalised by the Government's disastrous policies in the Middle East, claims the Church of England.

In a scathing critique of foreign policy under Tony Blair, the church condemns the "litany of errors" made in Iraq, adding that Britain's image abroad has been tarnished and it stands isolated in Europe because of its subservience to the United States administration. It hopes that a change of leadership will be followed by a change in approach.

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has endorsed the report, which says that the country is being turned into a hotbed of terrorist recruitment because of the occupation of Iraq and the Government's pursuit of "unfair" and "unjust" policies in the region.

Rather than help to fight fanaticism, Britain's participation in the "war on terror" has provided al-Qaeda with propaganda to attract Muslims opposed to the idea of Western hegemony being foisted upon the Middle East.

"Arguably the greatest impediment to prospective gains in the 'war on terror' is the galvanising effect the Iraq occupation has had on terrorist recruitment, morale and capability," the document says.

"The radicalisation of some sections of European Muslim society... has been confirmed and intensified by the ongoing occupation of Iraq. The war has given an opportunity to radical Muslims, in Europe and in the Middle East, to attach their own local particular concerns onto a wider global contest."

The document, submitted to the Foreign Affairs Committee's inquiry on global security, warns that mistakes made abroad are having negative consequences domestically.

"The growing links between domestic and international issues means that British foreign policy to the Middle East impacts as much upon the UK's well being as it does on the security and prosperity of the Middle East." It says that foreign policy in the region is widely seen as "far from even-handed, fair and just" and cites its lack of action over the war in Lebanon.

And that war in Lebanon? How dare the British not support Hezbollah? Is that who the Church of England would have us support?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What ignorant rubbish, from supposedly learned people no less. Does 'history' begin only four years ago for these idiots?

Usually the religious take the long view of history, like al-Qaeda referring to what we used to call 'Spain' by referring to its proper surrender name - Andalusia.

Iraq may just as easily be sending a message to the savages that we are willing to fight them - a good thing too since they interpret it as a victory whenever civilized people 'turn the other cheek' - the savages only use that as an invitation to hit us again.

3:26 AM  
Blogger Canadi-anna said...

The Church of England is long been neurotic. It doesn't know what it is or what it stands for unless its bashing its own society.

4:02 PM  
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