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Sunday, June 17, 2007

In Norway - Don't cook crabs...

I love crab...and this article made me hungry...

Aftenposten's food writer Yngve Ekern has been charged with animal cruelty by animal rights group NOAH after an article about cooking crabs.

Food writer Yngve Ekern is sorry he offended animal rights activists.

PHOTO: Rolf Chr. Ulrichsen (arkiv)

The case against Ekern has been dismissed and instead referred to the Conciliation Board, reports trade newspaper Journalisten on its web site, but there will be repercussions.

Ekern angered animal activists with his description of preparing crabs on the beach while his children were watching. He described throwing the crabs into hot oil after bashing them on a cutting board, a process that didn't kill all of them.

The article also outlined how to boil crabs, and included recipes.

"Showing how to boil living crabs is encouraging law-breaking. Crabs are also covered by the Animal Protection Act, and animals shall not be exposed to pain," NOAH leader Siri Martinsen told


Blogger Raphael Alexander said...

How silly. Aren't there enough problems in the world without concern for the lower forms of oceanic entrees?

I guess Norway really has too much free time on its hands...

2:24 PM  

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