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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Muslims target gays in Amsterdam....

Amsterdam is the gay capital of Europe...but now is becoming unsafe for gays...
Youth of ethnic background, primary from Moroccan families, are regularly hanging about well-known gay meeting places in Amsterdam in order to rob men there of their money. They also sometimes make appointments online, posing as homosexual, to rob them in their homes once they are invited over.

The victims of these crimes are often too embarrassed to report the incidents. "Often these are bisexual men who are married," says Pierre van der Steen of the police network aimed at promoting the rights of gays and lesbians, Roze in Blauw (RIB), told the Telegraaf.

Some parks in the capital are danger areas, though the youth also often wait outside many of the gay bars in Amsterdam.

"We have recently arrested Moroccan and Pakistani suspects near the Oeverlanden. They confessed to having robbed six men, while only one of these men had reported the incident to police," adds Marja Lust of RIB.

Another homosexual man was assaulted in the Vondel park last Saturday by six Moroccan youth. He told his story to the newspaper, but later asked that it not be published out of fear for reprisals. "Out of the blue I was just beaten and kicked," he says. "There is a great deal of anger among this group of young people and I have no idea where it is coming from.


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