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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Barbra Streisand - Just a Common Person????

She, should just stick to singing and not claim to be an ordinary person...

She is hardly known for her common touch.

So when Barbra Streisand professed a love of gristle-filled black puddings her northern audience looked baffled.

Between torch songs she assured them she'd spent the afternoon in the local chip shop and just loved those puddings. Frankly, they didn't believe her and laughter broke out among the 14,000 fans in Manchester.

Nobody who charges £600 a ticket and makes outrageous backstage demands, they reckoned, is going to settle for something that goes down well with tripe.

And yesterday the diva's shallow insistence on being one of the common people backfired when it emerged that flunkeys had researched local lore so she could thread it through her stage act.

So inept was their investigation that on Tuesday night the Manchester audience was treated to Liverpool football club's anthem You'll Never Walk Alone.

That was after the black pudding reference but around the same time as Miss Streisand, 65, assured them she also liked Cumberland sausage. This may be true but they're made 100 miles away.

She then claimed one of her favourite spots in the whole world was a local park so obscure that few in the audience had heard of it.

What the fans rapidly noticed was that 'improvised' patter about her local jaunts was being read from an autocue suspended from the roof of the MEN Arena where she was performing.


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