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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Doesn't this sound like the CBC???

This is from a Melanie Phillips article in the Daily Mail about the BBC in the UK...

Over a vast range of issues — big business, Conservatism, family values, America, Europe, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, climate change, abortion, multiculturalism — the BBC fails to be dispassionate, objective or truthful.

Both present and former BBC names have spoken about the Left-wing group-think that saturates its coverage. In his recent book Can We Trust The BBC?, its former journalist Robin Aitken provides example after example of its bias to show that we cannot. And only yesterday, the Centre for Policy Studies published an excoriating analysis by the writer Sir Antony Jay — co-author of the brilliant BBC TV comedy series Yes Minister — of the BBC mindset to which he acknowledges he himself once subscribed.

He paints a picture of a BBC in which arrogance and a false sense of moral superiority combine with gross ignorance of the real world to spread an ideology ‘based not on observation and deduction but on faith and doctrine’, and into which all events are wrenched to fit.

What all this means is that objectivity has been replaced by ideology. With an attitude that regards all challenges to its warped world-view as beyond the moral pale, it follows axiomatically that the truth goes out of the window altogether.

Most disturbingly of all, that world-view is never challenged. As Sir Antony writes, BBC employees mix only with people who think like themselves. They are therefore totally unable to tolerate the idea that there is room for any other approach. They represent a totally closed thought-system.

Just replace BBC with CBC...and it's all the same....


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