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Saturday, September 29, 2007

And, how about this group???

I don't know the history of this group...but here is a short article from the Guardian...
An Islamic missionary group accused of being a recruiting ground for extremists is planning to open a madrasa for 500 boys near London's 2012 Olympic village.

The school will form part of an 18-acre complex being developed by Tablighi Jamaat, the same movement behind proposals to build Britain's biggest mosque, with the capacity for 12,000 worshippers.

It will be the second madrasa in Britain operated by the group. Its Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, has more than 300 pupils. Teenage boys devote six mornings a week to Islamic history, theology, law, Qur'an recitation and Arabic. Afternoons are set aside for the national curriculum.

A 2005 Ofsted report praised the institute's "secure Islamic environment" but criticised the "unsatisfactory" teaching of secular subjects.

Tablighi members say students, who will be charged up to £3,000 a year, will be taught the national curriculum at the east London site and that staff will be recruited locally. About 40% of places will be reserved for boarders.

The FBI has expressed concern about Tablighi Jamaat, stating in 2003 that al-Qaida used it as a recruiting ground. The group denies involvement in terrorism.


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